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Programme outline

Number of ECTS credits: 
Number of years: 
possible for 18 ECTS in the second semester
Exchange possibilities: 
in the second semester 18 ECTS in Washington D.C. and/or Shanghai
Study language: 
In cooperation with: 
the Institute of World Politics (IWP) in Washington D.C.; Shanghai University for International Business and Economics (SUIBE)
Brussels Engineering, Sciences & Humanities Campus

Pick a programme for Economic Diplomacy:

For regular students
No plans for working students
No plans for exchange students

Bachelor programmes

and equivalents

Master programmes

and equivalents

After the master

Postgraduate in Economic Diplomacy

Postgraduate Certificate Economic Diplomacy

Standaard traject
Academic year 2017-2018
Postgraduate in Economic Diplomacy

Compulsory courses

Compulsory courses
From the courses listed below, students must obtain 48 ECTS credits.

Elective courses

Elective courses
From the courses listed below, students must obtain 18 ECTS credits.
Title Course titular Semester ECTS credits
Challenges in the Emerging Geo-Political Landscape 2nd semester 3
Chinese Competition Policy 2nd semester 3
Chinese Intellectual Property Rights Protection 2nd semester 3
Chinese Investment Law 2nd semester 3
Chinese Trade Law 2nd semester 3
Corporate Statecraft 2nd semester 3
Crisis Management and Decision Making 2nd semester 3
Economic Statecraft 2nd semester 3
International Challenges of the Public-Private Partnership in the Cyber Domain 2nd semester 3
Political Risk Analysis and Forecasting 2nd semester 3
Professional Experience: Internship 2nd semester 18
Seminar on Shanghai Free Trade Zone 2nd semester 3
The Art of Diplomacy 2nd semester 3
Thesis 2nd semester 18
Trans-Atlantic Competitiveness & Western Prosperity 2nd semester 3
WTO and China 2nd semester 3