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Nowadays we know that ‘European integration’ isn’t the effortless, natural and straightforward process some once expected it to be. With the concept of (economical, political, and social) sustainability as a guiding empirical and analytical principle, the advanced master’s programme in European Integration tries to answer many of the questions which recent European and global developments placed at the centre stage of public and academic attention.

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If you are a university graduate or a young professional looking for concise and structured knowledge of the European Union’s institutional set-up and policy-making, taught by distinguished academics at the heart of the EU - Brussels, then the EuroMaster Programme is the right choice for you. As a parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament, the programme gave me broader understanding of the pros and cons of the European Integration and the complexity of the decision-making process. This theoretical knowledge, coupled with the hands-on experience, shared by prominent guest lecturers from the European fora, helped me comprehend better the incentives for action of the different institutional stakeholders. Studying in an international environment was a life-time experience which showed me the practical dimension of the European motto “United in diversity” and revealed the opportunity to meet like-minded and creative free-thinkers.

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