The interuniversity master’s programme in Geography offers a comprehensive training in spatial approaches to social and/or natural phenomena.  As such, it offers a wholly different, fundamentally multidisciplinary and very exciting point of view to a whole lot of events and processes.

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international opportunities

As a Geography student you are privileged. Since the Earth is your study object, you need to go out there and discover the world so you can truly understand it. Field trips and excursions are a crucial element of your study programme, and allow you to look at the world from either a physical or societal perspective. Interesting areas for physical geography are visited, such as the Alps, the coast of Northern France, the French Massif Central (interesting because of volcanism), but also major cities such as Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and London. During these excursions you really get a sense of what it means to study at VUB: individual guidance, direct contact with professors and teaching staff. Excursions will not only prove to be unforgettable moments from your student years, but also excellent opportunities to put your theoretical knowledge into practice.

Do these international excursions give you an appetite for more? The departments at both universities have a whole host of research projects and collaborations from which you can benefit. That means you might spend a few months abroad for fieldwork in the framework of your Master's thesis (Equatorial Africa, Asia, South America, European Cities, etc.). You can also include a semester in another (European) country in your study programme or do an internship abroad. 

Within Europe, the Department of Geography has Erasmus+ mobility agreements with the following universities:






However, multiple possibilities also exist for stays outside of Europe. For more information, please contact us by mail:

after your education


If you want to continue your academic career, you can apply for a PhD position at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. All you need is a promoter, research subject and sufficient funding. Are you up for this challenge?

First step in the market

Geographers study the interaction between human societies and their environments, they characterise the resulting regions and localities, and they analyse the spatial distributions and processes of particular natural and human phenomena.

Being in equal parts a natural science and a social science, and equipped with geographical information science techniques, geography integrates the study of physical and human systems.

In this way, geographers have long applied integrated, multidisciplinary approaches to solve real-world problems on all spatial scales, from local to global. Undoubtedly there exists a growing demand for competent professionals in the broad field of the geo-sciences. As a graduate from the interuniversity programme, Master of Geography, you may be recruited by

  • mapping agencies
  • surveying companies
  • service and utility providers
  • public entities

You will also be placed high on the recruitment lists of national and international administrations which deal with urban and rural land-use planning, disaster management, environmental.

The VUB helps you to make your first step in the job market with workshops, networking events, job fairs, tips ‘n tricks for job interviews. All an ambitious student needs!

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