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1 (possibility to spread over 2 years)
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Advanced master of Science in Gerontological Sciences

Master of Gerontological Sciences

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Academic year 2017-2018
The Master in Gerontological Sciences offers a broad spectrum of scientific aspects, in a multidisciplinary approach, that is essential to understand the field of Gerontology. The program focuses on the classically recognised three pillars of this field:
1. The bio-medical basis underlying the ageing process
2. The psychological aspects of ageing and of the elderly person
3. The socio-economic and health policy aspects
The Master in Gerontological Sciences has the following objectives:
• To teach students the theoretical knowledge of the various aspects of Gerontology
• Starting from the principles of 'free inquiry', to promote critical reflection on current gerontological problems
• To form students who are able to perform research in one of the domains of the
gerontological sciences

MNM of Gerontological Sciences

MNM Gerontological Sciences


From the courses listed below, students must obtain 39 ECTS credits.
Title Course titular Semester ECTS credits
Biological gerontology: biomed asp & ageing, clinical (psycho)geriatr & gero, neurofys asp & ageing 1st semester 9
Intercultural Aspects of Gerontology and Geriatrics 1st semester 3
Comprehensive Gerontological Assessment 2nd semester 6
Ethics Related to Ageing 2nd semester 3
Psychological Gerontology 2nd semester 9
Social gerontology 1st and 2nd semester 9

Research methodology

Research methodology
From the courses listed below, students must obtain 21 ECTS credits.
Title Course titular Semester ECTS credits
Quantitative and qualitative research methods in Gerontology 1st semester 6
Master Thesis 1st and 2nd semester 15