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Do you already have a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics or Management and are you looking for a master’s programme with a distinct international and multidisciplinary flavour? You aren’t put off by a hands-on approach and wouldn’t mind a programme that can be personalised to your specific academic interests and professional preferences? Nor would you mind your courses to be taught by internationally acclaimed academics and professionals active in the field? Join our Master in International Business!

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The MSc Management Science is a very broad programme. It is well suited for those who do not want to specialise in any particular field but want to get an overview of multiple disciplines relevant to the management of a company. The large scope also makes it a very challenging Masters degree. It offers very diverse courses ranging from “soft” social sciences such as organisational behaviour and leadership to the mathematical side as needed in finance or economics based modules. This range requires not only the training of purely analytical skills but also the engagement with psychological concepts and organisational linkages. It thus provides a good preparation for the many different issues you will later have to face in business life.

The possibility to include practical training in the form of an internship in the degree makes it even more attractive. It gives the possibility to apply and test the theoretical foundation obtained in the classroom immediately while giving the CV an extra boost.  The large weight of the thesis and the chance to devise and pursue a research question for almost one-and-a-half years is a great way to learn how to do research and work to academic standards.

Overall I have enjoyed the two years very much. The international composition of the class and the setting in Brussels give the programme a very particular flair. While life in Belgium may take some time to getting used to, the presence of a vibrant international community, the EU institutions, and lots of cultural activities in Brussels make it very difficult to get bored.

My life during the last two years has been enormously enriched after have taken the decision of moving to Belgium to follow a program at the VUB. I was faced with an undeniable international context; from the beginning I found diversity of cultures and people, legendary city-highlights, and endlessly possibilities when it comes to art, music, and entertainment.

Academically, my background was based on one-country reality and taught in one language only; so, the MMS at the VUB boasted my competences at another level. A holistic view of the world, of the MNEs, and of economic variables was my most valuable gain that I reached from the program. The content of the courses full of useful information that needs to be researched further in order to gain a deeper insight of the content, the variety of topics taught in class, and the willingness of the professors and administrative staff to support students in their learning made my experience at the VUB fully pleasant.

After this training, my feeling is of complete confidence to go out to the market and present myself as a creative, skilled, and internationally-oriented business manager.

The Master in Management Science programme offers an excellent scientific background for anybody who is seeking a career in the world of business or academia alike. In my daily work, I benefit regularly from the thorough knowledge that I gained at VUB. Additionally, I have very fond memories of the unique multicultural environment of Brussels as well as the VUB’s wonderful student community. I strongly recommend the programme.

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