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International Postgraduate Course in Football Business

Experiencing first hand is key. That’s why IFBI offers the unique combination of theory courses and experience tours to the biggest clubs, most interesting conferences, stadiums and of course some tantalizing matches. Our participants will get to know the importance of attending events, connecting with the business, sharing best practices and collaborating with other business minds.  

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First step in the market

At the International Football Business Institute we provide a wide array of courses. Multiple subjects and very different fields of expertise that make up the business of football are covered. Football medical, Football Law and Finance, Fan Community management … These courses offer plenty of possibilities for a career in the football industry. Maybe you aspire to become the next FIFA social media manager? Or you are eager to start a career in football sponsorship and marketing? Or maybe you see yourself as the new community manager or head of security at Anfield Road? Maybe you will be looking for a job as legal counsel for your favorite team? It’s all possible.