Physical Land Resources

You want to know what (a) soil is?You want to know which factors and properties determine the soil suitability to be used for both agricultural and non-agricultural purposes and how this is established?You want to know how the soil can be improved to suit specific applications? You want to know how to address problems of degradation and desertification?You want to know how to manage the land and how to protect it?You want to know what the impact of the soil factor is in the dynamics of natural ecosystems and how this knowledge can be applied in the area of nature conservation?You want to know what the soil teaches us about current environmental issues?You want to know how soil and water management can be improved in the frame of sustainable agriculture?You want to know how we can manage our scarce water supplies?

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Employment can be found in the fields of:

  • soil management
  • environment assessment
  • water management, including water supply and control
  • stability of taluds and excavations
  • use of soil as construction material
  • coastal development
  • erosion and sediment transport

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