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Complex societies require complex thinking. In a world of rapid changes, shifting boundaries and increasing connectivity there is a growing need for minds that are capable of switching perspective and thinking outside of narrow academic boxes. That is why the VUB and Ghent University have joined academic forces to create an innovative model of interdisciplinary and interuniversity education: the Bachelor in Social Sciences (BScSS). Drawing on the combined insights of three disciplines – sociology, political science and communication studies – the BScSS offers a three-year, English-language program that provides students with the academic tools that help them to analyze and better understand the societies they live in. Located in the heart of Europe and boasting a student body of more than forty different nationalities, the BScSS provides a uniquely diverse learning environment that helps students to tackle the global problems of the future. 

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Your diploma grants you immediate access to many Master programmes taught abroad. Just one of many possible next stops for you: the UNICA-network, the association of universities located in European capitals.

Another smart move to consider: pursuing your academic career in one of the available English taught Master programmes at the Ghent University or the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Moreover, some Dutch taught Master programs are also available to you after completion of the BScSS - given of course that you meet the Dutch language requirements.

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