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Ghent University
Economic and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School
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Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences

Academic year 2016-2017
The start plan of the Bachelor in Social Sciences consists of two modules and corresponds with the two first years of the model trajectory of the Bachelor in Social Sciences. After these two first years, each student has to choose one of the three graduation options available.

In total, this academic plan comprises 120 study points.

Module 1 Bachelor in Social Sciences

This module consists of 60 ECTS of compulsory courses.
To complete this module, students must obtain 60 study points.
From the courses listed below, students must obtain 60 ECTS credits.
Title Course titular Semester ECTS credits
Introduction to Communication Studies 1st semester 6
Introduction to Political Science 1st semester 6
Introduction to Sociology 1st semester 6
Political Structures and Processes of the European Union 1st semester 6
Statistics for the Social Sciences 1st semester 6
Communicating Scientific Knowledge 2nd semester 6
European History 2nd semester 6
Introduction to Belgian Society and Politics 2nd semester 6
Introduction to SPC Methodology 2nd semester 6
Seminar Current Issues I 2nd semester 6