Information for teachers

Science and technology play an important role in our world and are increasingly influencing our social lives and contacts with others. Scientific developments and their effects often raise (ethical) questions and sometimes place us in a dilemma. Society must therefore ensure that its citizens learn to deal with these new insights and possibilities in responsible ways. Consequently, society needs a 'critical mass' as regards research and development, and needs to be able to (continue to) rely on specialists that connect it with the international research community.

In order to guarantee the existence of such a critical mass and a sufficient number of specialists, it is essential to get children and young people interested in science. This means capturing the imagination of young people with the fascinating aspects of science and technology: the stories behind discoveries and the challenges facing scientists today and in the future.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel wants to make a contribution in this area and has developed a variety of educational tools and aids for integrating science and technology in the curriculum of secondary education in fun and interesting ways.

Teachers undeniably play a crucial role in whetting young people's enthusiasm for a subject. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel provides teacher training through the Interfaculty Department of Teacher Training (InterDisciplinaire vakgroep LerarenOpleiding) and in regular refresher courses for teachers.