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Scholarships for the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies

There are 5 scholarships reserved for a postgraduate programme at BICCS, the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies.

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The call for Ba, Ma and PhD applications is CLOSED.

The call for Ba, Ma and PhD applications is closed.  Please find some general information about the programme below.  In case a new call for applications will be launched (end of October or November), the information will be posted on-line here.

The Erasmus Mundus University II is a project in the framework of a European mobility programme, Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window (EM ECW), financed by the European Commission. Vrije Universiteit Brussel took the lead in a consortium of 19 institutions for higher education, 9 in Europe and 10 in the so-called 'Lot 2' (Egypt, West Bank/Gaza and Israel).

With a budget of 5,376,200 EUR, we want to give 287 students and researchers the possibility to travel from Lot 2 to Europe, or vice versa!

Musicians: study at the Royal Conservatory Brussels

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The Royal Conservatory Brussels (part of the Erasmushogeschool Brussel) is world known for the high standard of its education.  Students from all over the world take courses at this prestiguous conservatory. 

In the framework of Erasmus Mundus University II, students can enrol as an exchange student. There are only very limited places available.

This call is open to students from Egypt, Israel and Palestine.


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