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The "vakgroep" (department) Analytische Scheikunde en Farmaceutische Technologie (Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology) is the result of a merger between the laboratory for pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis (FABI) and the laboratory of galenics.

The department is part of the Pharmaceutical School of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. It is located in building G, ground floor of the campus Jette (see location) of the university.

The main research topics are situated in chemometrics and separation science. Chemometrics is defined as the chemical discipline that uses mathematics, statistics and formal logic to design or select optimal experimental procedures; to provide maximum relevant chemical information by analyzing chemical data and to obtain knowledge about chemical systems.

In Separation Science the main research goal is the evaluation of "the rational use of new developments in separation techniques". The separation techniques considered are liquid chromatography (LC - UPLC), capillary electrophoresis (CE), capillary electrochromatography (CEC) and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). Research is, in a first instance performed on chiral separations, performed by means of all above mentioned techniques. Further also chromatographic fingerprint development for herbal extracts and their applications are studied as well as drug impurity profiling by means of HPLC and SFC. The fingerprint application can be considered for different purposes, such as identification and QC, similarity analysis, classification and calibration purposes. Their application usually requires the use of multivariate data analysis techniques

The data analysis aspects of the research thus mainly are conducted on separation science data. They comprise, for instance, the use of experimental designs to optimize separations, and multivariate similarity analyses, unsupervised and supervised discrimination/classification approaches and calibration aspects on fingerprint data. Additionally, chemometric techniques are used to evaluate the (dis)similarity of different chiral separation systems as well as in the comparison of SFC systems and columns.

The department is also part of an alliance research group with the University of Ghent, more specifically with the PAT (Process Analytical Technologies) research group of T. De Beer. It is called PAT-Chemometrics and the VUB group is mainly involved in the data analysis aspects of the joint research.

Our main courses are analytical chemistry and food science for students in pharmacy. A full description can be found here. Course material is available on the Campus intranet (from outside you need a password).

In memory to Professor D.L. Massart we keep the link to his impressive curriculum vitae.

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