It is today obvious for everybody that the growing integration of the European Community at the economic, political, scientific and cultural levels, involve enhanced mobility and increased interactions between people. This means that, in most European countries, graduate people who try to find a job have to take into account the European if not the world dimension of almost all Enterprises and consequently the fact that the requests of recruitment are more and more oriented to adaptability and functional mobility of the applicants.

This statement strongly suggests that if the preparation of a PhD thesis has to remain an intensive training to Methods and Techniques of Research and Studies which aims to lead the graduate students to the highest scientific level, it has also to prepare the graduate students to get a good level of adaptability and flexibility.

So consequently, encouraging the mobility skill during the preparation of the PhD thesis, has certainly to be one of the major aims.

We are pleased to tell you that EUROBIO started to implement the concept of European PhD. The delivery of an European label attached to the national PhD appeared to the members of EUROBIO to be a suitable vehicle to promote student mobility by formally recognising their adaptability to a new working environment.

From years, some universities have decided by their own to deliver the European label on the base of minimal criteria supported in these decisions by the CRE (European Conference of Rectors). The purpose of our association is to work within a network of universities, involving mutual confidence and reciprocal recognition between them and consequently to take into account the agreement of several EU states and not only the decision of individual institutions.

The network, from which you will find the provisional list herewith, is , of course, still open: if, in your quality of head of your Institution you are interested to participate in a network allowing your students in Biology to attach the label "European" to their national PhD, please send us a letter of intent.


Criteria - Implementation

  1. Candidates must fulfil the requirements to obtain the PhD in the university they are registered.
  2. Before the award of the European PhD, the host university has to send to the board of examiners, a written assessment of the period of study.
  3. The national board of examiners must include one or more foreign experts.
  4. The European label has to be delivered by the mother university, simultaneously with the PhD degree.


Attribution - Criteria

  1. The students have to fulfil all the criteria requested to obtain the national PhD.
  2. Additionally they have to spend a stay abroad which would last at least six months. During that stay, students have to undertake a preagreed research programme.
  3. Attendance to advanced course abroad and attendance at scientific meetings with oral presentations will not be obligatory but desirable.
  4. Depending on the system of operation in the different European countries, publication of at least one paper in an international journal would be required.
  5. Students would be requested to prepare an exhaustive summary of the PhD thesis in the mother language, in another European language and of course one in English.




(EUROBIO on 14th January 2000)

AL: University of Tirana
BE: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Université libre de Bruxelles
BG: University of Plovdiv
ES: Universidad Alcala de Henares
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Universidad de Bilbao (Basque Country)
Universidad de Navarra
FI: University of Oulu
FR: Université de Montpellier
Université de Paris 6
Université de Rennes
GR: University of Thessaloniki
University of Komotini
HU: University Eotvos Lorand Budapest
University Jozsef Attila Szeged
IT: Universita di Ancona
Universita di Firenze
Universita di Milano
Universita di Palermo
Universita di Perugia
Universita di Roma Tor Vergata
Universita di Torino
Universita di Urbino
LI: University of Vilnius
NL: Universiteit van Amsterdam
P: University of Porto
PL: University of Krakow
University of Poznan
University of Warsaw
University of Wroclaw
RO: University of Bucarest
University of Sibiu
SK: University of Bratislava
SW: University of Lund