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Meals of the world

In line with the internationalization of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the restaurant at Etterbeek campus will be serving a special 'international meal' once or twice a week as of August 2009. Traditional dishes will be served on the national days of specific countries. Most of the countries that will be celebrated are the home countries of students that are here on an Erasmus Lifelong Learning, Erasmus Mundus or scholarship programs.

The goal of this initiative is to familiarize Belgian students and staff with the cultures of the VUB's international students, and offer the international students a little taste of home on their national days. Check the calendar to see when a 'national meal' is being served during the coming weeks.

Students are invited to propose ideas for recipes from their home country or their favourite holiday destination, by emailing the restaurant on the following address:



Menus from Monday April 22nd until Friday April 25th


Monday April 22nd: closed

Menu 1  
Menu 2  
Pasta bar  


Tuesday April 23rd:

Soup Tomato soup
Menu 1 Beefsteak with Béarnaise sauce and cauliflower-broccoli
Menu 2 Brazilian fish stew
Health Chicken fillet "Tikka Masala"
Veggie Vegetale balls with tomato sauce
Pasta bar Tortelloni alla Genovese
Wok Rice with scampi and fruit


Wednesday April 24th:

Soup Chervil soup
Menu 1 Chicken schnitzel "Hawai"
Menu 2 Salmon fillet with Hollandaise sauce and spinach
Health Pork fillet with mushroom sauce
Veggie Goulash with quorn
Pasta bar Spaghetti Bolognese
Wok Beef wok with soy sauce


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Thursday April 25th:

Soup Spring soup
Menu 1 Fish stick with mixed salad and tartar sauce
Menu 2 Pizza with mushrooms and ham
Health Turkey stew
Veggie Vegetable stew with lentils
Pasta bar Salmon lasagna
Wok Veggie Chop Choy

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Friday April 26th:

Soup Minestrone
Menu 1 Meat balls in tomato sauce
Meals of the world Italy: Osso buco
Health Fish fillet with salad and vinaigrette sauce
Veggie Feta croquettes with tomato-olive salad
Pasta bar Tagliatelle alla Carbonara
Wok Chicken in Tex-Mex sauce

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Sunday April 27th: Information Day

Soup Portuguese soup
Menu 1 Beefsteak "Choron" with tomato and French beans
Menu 2 Codfish fillet Ostend style
Veggie Cheese-vegetable burger
Pasta bar Lasagna
Wok Eastern wok noodles with chicken






















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