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A Late Cypriot Bronze Age town is situated in a field west of the mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke and the Larnaca Salt Lake. Excavations have been performed at this site by two British expeditions in 1897 and 1898. The Cypriot Department of Antiquities has rescued many finds from the site, particularly in 1968, when Vassos Karageorghis excavated Late Bronze Age tombs there. Swedish excavations under the direction of Paul Åström have been carried out there almost annually since 1971 (Åström et al. 1975-2007). Karin Nys became assistant-director of this mission in 2001. After the untimely death of Paul Åström in October 2008, she was put in charge of the post-excavation processing of all the unpublished Swedish excavation campaigns (1980-2005). In relation to MARI's ongoing research in south-east Cyprus, the results of this post-excavation processing will lead to new research questions for further archaeological investigations.

Karin Nys and Melissa Samaes

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