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Non-destructive glass analysis

The project (HOA 15) aims to develop a new way of non-destructive analyses of cultural heritage materials. More specifically the project will we be focussed on the production of a low-cost device for optic analyses, based on the colour and the composition of glass.
Three Departments of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel are partners in this project: TONA, Applied Physics and Fotonics (Prof. Dr. H. Thienpont and Dr. W. Meulebroeck); MACH/META, Materials and Chemistry (Prof. Dr. H. Terryn) and SKAR/MARI, Art Sciences and Archaeology (Karin Nys and Hilde Wouters).The HOA 15 project is financed by the Research Council of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

The samples used for analyses consist of window glass originating from maily archaeological and historical contexts. Chronologically the project includes glass dating from the Roman period up till the mid 19th century, when the industrial soda production / industrial production of window glass is introduced.
A first batch of samples consists of archaeological material from Belgian sites and from neighbouring countries otherwise. The results of previous optical and chemical analyses in combination with the archaeological, historical and art historical research will be published in international peer-reviewed journals.

All glass coming from Cistercian sites will also be part of the PhD research.



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