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Peter Cosyns

Peter Cosyns

Peter Cosyns
Research Assistant
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2 – 1050 Brussel


  • Current Research

Doctoral research topic : The typological, chronological, contextual, technological and archaeometric investigation of the production and use of black glass in the Roman Empire during the 1st to 5th centuries AD. Read more...

Supervisor: Prof. Dr Karin Nys

Other research :

    • Roman glass jewellery Roman
    • Roman glass production
    • Core-formed glass vessels in Cyprus
    • Pre-Roman glass jewellery in Belgiu
  • Previous Research

Reports on Roman glass from sites excavated by VIOE in Flanders, Belgium (Menen; Oudenburg; Rumst; Tienen)

Reports on (Roman) glass from sites excavated on the NMBS HST-projects (Vlaams-Brabant; Antwerpen)

Research on  specific glass topics from Belgian sites:

    • A Roman glass workshop in Tienen-Grijpenveld
    • Mould-blown beakers with Greek inscriptions from Tongeren
    • Polychrome ribbed bowl with base-ring from Grobbendonk
    • Roman window glass in Belgium
    • Pre-Roman glass beads from Neufchâteau-le-Sart
  • Selection of Publications

P. Cosyns, K. Janssens, O. Schalm & V. Van der Linden, 'Black glass vessels and jewellery in the Roman Empire: a work in progress'. in: Creemers, G., Demarsin, B. & Cosyns, P. (eds), Roman Glass in Germania Inferior. Interregional Comparisons and Recent Results, International colloquium Tongeren, 13/05/2005 (Atuatuca 1), Hasselt 2006,

P. Cosyns, A. Vanderhoeven, G. Vynckier, K. Janssens, O. Schalm O. & V. Vander Linden V. 'Two Fragments of Mold-Blown Glass Beakers with Greek Inscriptions from Tongeren (Belgium)', Journal of Glass Studies 47 (2005), 179-183.

P. Cosyns & F. Hanut, 'Black Glass of second to third-century date in northern Gaul: a preliminary survey', in: Annales du 16e Congrès de l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre London 2003, Nottingham 2005, AIHV, 113-118.

P. Cosyns, E. Warmenbol, J. Bourgeois, & P. Degryse, ' Pre-Roman glass beads in Belgium', in: Annales du 16e Congrès de l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre, London 2003, Nottingham 2005, AIHV, 323-326.

P. Cosyns, 'Les bracelets romains en verre noir', Bulletin de l’AFAV 2004, 15-17.

M. Martens, F. Hanut, A. Ervynck A., Lentacker, P. Cosyns, J. Van Heesch J. & J. De Beenhouwer, 'Ensemble détritique ou contexte cultuel? Etude du matériel archéologique et des restes fauniques d'une grande fosse (S082) du vicus de Tirlemont (Tienen, Belgique)', Revue du Nord (Archéologie de la Picardie et du Nord de la France) 2 (348 - 2002), 43-89.                             


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