The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Law of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels is often referred to as ‘Metajuridica’. Metajuridica, is the collective term that is used for all the scholarly disciplines whom engage in the study of law from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. It articulates legal research upon research from other disciplines such as history, sociology, etnology, philosophy, gender studies, science studies, LSTS, ...

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Public PhD defence  of Julia Muraszkiewicz: The legal framework on non-liability for victims of human trafficking: should, and can, the European Union ask more of member states? - 16 June 2017, 4PM (E.0.02)


Public PhD defence of Irene Wieczorek: The legitimacy of EU criminal law: what role fornormative and instrumental justifications? -15 November 2016, 4PM (D2.01).

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