The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Law of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels is often referred to as ‘Metajuridica’. Metajuridica, is the collective term that is used for all the scholarly disciplines whom engage in the study of law from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. It articulates legal research upon research from other disciplines such as history, sociology, etnology, philosophy, gender studies, science studies, LSTS, ...

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24 September 2018  



METAJURIDICA Reading Group - "Sur l'État", Pierre Bourdieu. Session focusing on the historical perspective and chaired by Frederik Dhondt (15h-17h, Room 4C306) 


27 September 2018 


deDebatten Event: Politie en Burger in Brussel (Emeritaatsviering PRof. Els Enhus) (19h-21h30, deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussel)



1 October



WRG : Christophe Marchand - Catalan case and EAW: the position of the defense in Belgium (12h-14h, Room 4C306)

2 October 2018

Brussels Privacy Hub – Doctoral seminar with Gianclaudio Malgieri on “Dynamic Inalienability of personal data in the age of online Unfair Imbalance” (12h30-13h30, Room 3C214)


8 October 2018

WRG : Aleksandra Kuczerawy - Freedom of expression in the era of gatekeeping (12h00-14h00, Room 4C306)

11 October 2018


Brussels PRivacy Hub Event : "Data localisation: Analysing a growing global regulatory phenomenon", (17:00 – 18:30, IES, Room Lisbon)


15 October 2018

METAJURIDICA Reading Group - "Sur l'État", Pierre Bourdieu. Session focusing on the Private and the Public and chaired by Gloria Gonzalez Fuster (14h-16h, Room 4C306)

12 November 2018

METAJURIDICA Reading Group - "Sur l'État", Pierre Bourdieu. Ending session (focus tbd) and chaired by Paul De Hert (15h-17h, Room 4C306)


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