Multilingual Master in Linguistics and Literary Studies

Are you looking for a one-year Master’s programme in linguistics and literary studies during which you can specialise in one or two languages according to your Bachelor’s degree? Do you want to study in the multilingual capital of Europe with numerous institutions such as the European Union, NATO and several multinational companies? In the Multilingual Master in Linguistics and Literary Studies, you can follow courses in up to eleven different languages and you can specialise in one of the following subjects: interpreting studies, translation studies, linguistics, literary studies, multilingualism, psycho- and neurolinguistics, theatre studies.

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I love to read. Turning my hobby into a degree sounded like a plan, so I enrolled at the VUB and became a student in "English and Spanish literature and linguistics". The experience was fantastic: I got to learn so much more than I could have ever fathomed! I initially thought I would only learn how to decipher the English and Spanish language and how to analyse their most prominent oeuvre - which is exactly what I learned. But in studying the linguistic and literary origin and development of the two most widely spoken languages in the world, I also acquired an insight into the world's history, into the frame of mind of entire generations of authors, into the cultural, moral, religious etc. background of their readers. The fact that I got to do this in Brussels, a melting pot of cultures, institutions and - most importantly for me - languages, only added to the experience.The studies in linguistics and literary studies cover pretty much every area of philanthropy and that is what sets this study off from any other: its ability to form well-rounded and enlightened people through the medium of language. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed this degree so much, that I went on to obtain an Advanced Master's in Literary Sciences afterwards. Currently, I am in the process of applying for a doctoral grant, with the objective of writing a dissertation on Cuban-American literature. What was a mere hobby will hopefully become a career...

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