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International VUBMUN Events

Each year our club recruits a dedicated and hard-working team to attend 4 conferences. This year we will attend OxiMUN in Oxford, VVNMUN in Brussels, LIMUN in London and the largest conference organized by Harvard University. These global conferences, the oldest of their kind, take place in a different country each year. It is our pleasure to announce that in March of 2017 the 26th edition of WorldMUN will take place in Montreal, Canada!

To find out more about these MUN's we encourage you to have a look at their various websites.


Campus Events

In the first semester VUBMUN will also be present at the follow events:

  • The International and Erasmus Orientation days (19 September)
  • The Student Kick Off Night (1 October)
  • And at the Go Abroad Fair which will be held at the end of October!
Feel free to drop by! We look forward to meeting you and hopefully welcoming you to the team and awaking your MUN spirit!


Are you eager to participate in UN simulations and speak for those you represent? Practice not only your public speaking, English and debating skills but experience what it is like to be a diplomat? Meet link-minded students and get a taste of what it means to partake in MUN’s and be part of the VUBMUN Team? Join us for CampusMUN 2017 in the second semester! CampusMUN is a long-standing VUBMUN tradition which provides every Student of the Vrije Universiteit of Brussels (VUB) with the unique opportunity to partake in a Model United Nations simulation here; at their very own Campus in the heart of Europe!

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