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PLSC-Europe 2018 will be held in Brussels on Saturday 27 January 2018, right after CPDP2018. CPDP – Computers, Privacy & Data Protection conference – is an annual gathering of academics, lawyers, practitioners, policy-makers, industry, and civil society from all over the world. Its 11th edition, “The Internet of Bodies”, will take place from Wednesday 24 January to Friday 26 January 2018. PLSC-Europe will follow on Saturday 27 January 2018. Based on the popular Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC) event in the United States, PLSC-Europe is dedicated to bringing together privacy law scholars, practitioners, and privacy scholars from other disciplines from across Europe and beyond to discuss current issues. PLSC-Europe aims at fostering greater connections between academia and practice (industry, legal, advocacy, and government), and at bringing together law scholars with academics and professionals from other disciplines (e.g. economics, philosophy, political science, computer science). The first PLSC-Europe was held in October 2015 in conjunction with the Amsterdam Privacy Conference, and the second one in May 2017, in conjunction with TILTing Perspectives 2017. From 2017 onwards, PLSC-Europe became a regular event co-organized by the University of Amsterdam (IvIR), Tilburg University (TILT), and the Free University Brussels (LSTS/Privacy Salon), alternating between Amsterdam, Tilburg, and Brussels. The third edition of PLSC-Europe will be held on 27 January 2018 in Brussels. PLSC is a paper workshop. Papers are not available, and proceedings will not be released. The papers discussed are works in progress, and so will not be publicly released, nor publicized: the ideas presented by the authors are often still developing, and need further incubation before being finalised. In a PLSC paper workshop, a “commenter” leads a discussion among participants on an author's paper. Authors are encouraged to listen to the discussion, rather than steer it or participate actively to it. There are no panels or keynotes at PLSC: the idea is to help the author by giving feedback and advice on the paper. Workshops are informal and friendly in nature.

We welcome the submission of abstracts on both pure and multidisciplinary legal scholarship on privacy and data protection. Please submit your abstract through the following link:

26.01.2016 Privacy Camp, the annual pre-CPDP civil society meeting is set to take place on 26 January 2016 in Brussels. Organized by LSTS, in partnership with EDRi, USL-B and Privacy Salon, the event brings together digital rights advocates, members of NGOs, civil rights groups as well as academics and policy-makers from all around Europe and beyond to discuss the most pressing issues facing human rights online. The theme for this year’s event is “The multiple ways of (de/self-) regulation: What is at stake for human rights?” The full-day event will feature sessions on a wide variety of topics, such as trade agreements and digital rights, lobbying and policy influencing, new surveillance laws in the works, privacy by design, litigation activism and Safe Harbor. Notable speakers will share their experience and expertise on a range of issues that have implications for privacy and data protection and will engage in meaningful discussions with participants. Confirmed speakers include Max Schrems (Europe v Facebook), Marc Rotenberg (EPIC), Seda Gürses (NYU) and Jérémie Zimmermann (La Quadrature du Net). For more information, including the programme of the event, please visit the Privacy Camp webite. The event is free to attend but not open to all. Registration details will be published soon on the event website.

01.07.2015 In July 2015, Professor Christopher Kuner, together with Daniel Cooper, taught "Data Protection Law and International Commercial Arbitration" in the private international law section of the summer session of the Hague Academy of International Law.,The text of Prof. Kuner's course will be published in the Collected Courses of the Academy.

VUB 26.06.2015 Professor Christopher Kuner has been awarded the "Best Consumer Supporter" award and medal by the Consumer Affairs Agency of the government of Japan. The award is given for services to Japanese consumers. Mr. Kuner was chosen because of his expertise in data protection law and his promotion of EU data protection law in Japan. On June 26, the Japanese Ambassador to the European Union, His Excellency Keiichi Katakami, hosted a dinner for Mr. Kuner and presented a medal to him in recognition of the award.

27-29.01.2016 The 9th edition of CPDP will be held on 27-29 January 2016 in Brussels. Several slots remain open to application through an annual call for papers. Please submit your contribution through the EasyChair conference system by following this link. For more information, go to

The 8th edition of the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) International Conference was a huge success. The Programming Committee wants to thank you all for making CPDP2015 such a memorable edition!

2012.10.11-12: Law and Technology Perspectives on Intergenerational Justice: Second VALUE AGEING Seminar. More.

2012.01.25, 26 & 27: Fifth CPDP-conference 'European Data Protection: Coming of Age'? More.

2012.01.18: MovingLife consultation workshop organised by LSTS. More.

2011.12.19: EMSOC-debate about the use of social media and the right to privacy (in Dutch) with, among others, Paul De Hert. More.

2011.05.20: Policy Forum: "Data Protection in the Days of the Internet"

2011.05.19: VUB Law & Criminology Talks: "Het wetenschappelijk onderzoek en de bescherming van de privacy." by Willem Debeuckelaere (Voorzitter van de Commissie voor de bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer).

2011.01.25, 26 & 27: Fourth CPDP-conference 'European Data Protection: In Good Health'? More

2011.01.25: Debate about the rise of surveillance technologies with, among others, Paul De Hert. Venue: Beursschouwburg, A. Ortsstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussels. Time: 20:00 Hrs. More

2011.01.27: Round-table on the use of body scanners. Venue: CEPS, Place du Congrés 1, 1000 Brussels. Time: 18:00 Hrs. To register for the round-table, please send an e-mail with your details to

2010.05.10: INEX Project Workshop: Data Transfers in the New AFSJ: Go With The Flow? More

2010.03.18: Studienamiddag. De wet patientenrechten, het recht op gezondheid en de verwerking van gezondheidsgegevens. More

2010.01.30: 3rd International Conference on Computers, Privacy & Data Protection "An Element of Choice". More

2010.01.29: 3rd International Conference on Computers, Privacy & Data Protection "An Element of Choice". More

2010.01.28: Data Protection Day. More

2010.01.19: VUB Law & Criminology Talks: "Embryonic stem cell patents: A legal and ethical analysis focussing on human dignity, commodification and moral complicity" by Sigrid Sterckx (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

2009.12.16: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "Is Europe under threat?" by Emilio Mordini (Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship) and Giorgio Agamben (University Verona (TBC)).

2009.12.11: PhD Presentation Day. Doctoral research cross-fertilizations within the department of Law and Criminology.

2009.12.09: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "Migration, refugee management and the new international criminality" by Paul de Hert (Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Universiteit van Tilburg) and Gus Hosein (London School of Economics and Political Science).

2009.12.02: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration":"Policing Schengen" by Tony Bunyan (Statewatch) and Monica den Boer (Universiteit van Amsterdam).

2009.11.27: Final Conference of Senior Project "ICT for an ageing society".

2009.11.25: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "Migration, religion and secularism" by Christian Joppke (American University of Paris) and Virginie Guiraudon (Ceraps Lille Center for Politics).

2009.11.23: VUB Law & Criminology Talks: "Human nature under construction. Human nature and human artificiality in biomedical law" by Britta van Beers (VU University of Amsterdam)

2009.11.20: FLEET Eindconferentie - Digitalisering van de Vlaamse nieuwsmedia: impact en toekomst.

2009.11.18: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "Migration, religion and secularism" by Laila Bokhari (Norwegian Institute for International Affairs) and Jorgen S. Nielsen (University of Copenhagen).

2009.11.10: LSTS Seminar by Meryem Marzouki, "De Safari a Edvige: donnees personnelles et evolution des politiques francaises de securite.

2009.11.04: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "Citizenship and migration" by Ayse Caglar (Central European University) and Jef Huysmans (The Open University)

2009.10.28: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "Security, diversity and human rights" by "Tugba Basaran (Univeristy of Kent) and Nicolas Berger (Amnesty International)

2009.10.21: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "Anti-immigration strategies and European immigration law" by Elspeth Guild (Radboud University Nijmegen) and Jorgen Carling (International Peace Research Institute Oslo)

2009.10.14: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "EUROSUR: The ethical and legal challenges of European Border Control System" by Julien Jeandesboz (Centre for International Studies and Research) and Oliver Seiffarth (European Commission)

2009.10.07: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "Migration the new security technologies" by Eddan Kataz (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and Rene von Schomberg (European Commission)

2009.09.30: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "The internal/external security continuum" by Bigo Didier (King's College Londen) and Angela Liberatore (European Commission)

2009.09.23: IES Autumn Lecture Series "Europe under threat? Security, migration and integration": "Schengen implementation and European immigration law" by Cees Groenendijk (Radboud University Nijmegen)

2007.01.11: LSTS Legal Theory Seminar "Law as a practice of non-lawyers" by Mireille Hildebrandt (LSTS-VUB and Erasmus Rotterdam)

2006.06.14: LSTS Legal Theory Seminar by Pierre Legrand (Universite Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne)

2006.05.19: LSTS Legal Theory Seminar by Peter Fitzpatrick (Birbeck School of Law)

2006.05.12: LSTS Seminar "The implications of the works of Descola for the analysis of contemporary controversies" by Lucienne Strivay (University of Liege) and Laurent Desutter (LSTS-VUB)

2006.04.20: LSTS Legal Theory Seminar "Society s Law - Between State Law and Private Law" by Juha Karhu

2006.03.20: LSTS Legal Theory Seminar by Alain Papaux (Lausanne)

2006.02.10: LSTS Seminar "No issue, no politics. Democratic deficits after the displacement of politics" by Noortje Marres (University of Amsterdam)

2006.02.03: LSTS Seminar "On latest trends in technologies of control: Intelligent magnetoscope (TiVo) and more" by Dominique Babin (prospectivist and author of "PH1 Manuel de survie a l'usage du post-humain", Flammarion, 2004)

2006.02.02: LSTS Seminar "Engager les OGM dans une innovation d�mocratique et scientifique" by Sebastien Denys (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)

2006.01.12: LSTS Legal Theory Seminar by Francois Ost (FUSL Brussels)

2005.12.01: LSTS Seminar "Bird Flu and Tamiflu" by Daniel De Beer (LSTS researcher, former Director of Avocats sans Frontieres)

2005.11.16: LSTS Seminar "Genetically modified organisms, bio-diversity and patents" by Vandana Shiva (Director of Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology in New Delhi)

2005.10.20: LSTS Legal Theory Seminar by Serge Gutwirth

2005.10.13: LSTS Seminar "A Tardean sociology of mathematics" by Hans Comijn (Researcher at VUB)

2005.09.28: LSTS Legal Theory Seminar by Isabelle Stengers (ULB Brussels

2005.05.21: LSTS Seminar "Why state sovereignty cannot account for current immigration laws: a normative legal argument for free settlement" by Bas Schotel (Researcher at VUB)

2005.04.07: LSTS Seminar "Droit d'auteur et partage de savoirs" by Severine Dusollier (Docteur en Droit and researcher at CRID Namur)

2005.03.11: LSTS Seminar "Emerging Rights of Epistemic Citizenship. The GM Debates in Europe, the US and Beyond" by Sheila Jasanoff (Pforzheimer Professor of Science and Technology Studies at the J.F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University)

2005.03.03: LSTS Seminar "The social construction of a money laundering profile: a semantic analysis of ontological dependencies and their implication for information systems design in financial services." by Ana Canhoto & James Backhouse (London School of Economics)

2005.02.17: LSTS Seminar "Access to Documentation Concerning the Drafting of European GMO Legislation: Not in the Public Interest?" by Rhiannon Williams (Institute of European Studies at VUB Brussels)

2005.02.03: LSTS Seminar "Terrorist Labelling" by Jan Fermon (Lawyer at Brussels Bar)

2005.01.27: LSTS Seminar "La double vie du jugement: solution d'un probleme singulier et lettre decretale?" by Marion Jacot-Descombes (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)

2005.01.21: LSTS Seminar "Science/Policy Boundaries: Changing Divisions of Labour in Expert Policy Advice" by Willem Halffman (Twente University)

2005.01.20: LSTS Seminar "The correlated human" by Isabelle Stengers (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)

2004.12.09: LSTS Seminar "DNA databanks: Mapping the Construction of a Technological Imperative" by Hilary Rose (City University London)

2004.12.02: LSTS Seminar "Bone Scans in a Judicial Setting" by Erik de Caluwe (Lawyer at Brussels Bar)

2004.10.07: LSTS Seminar "Presentation of my research on Bloor and Latour" by Hans Comijn (Researcher at VUB)

2004.09.28: LSTS Seminar "Last Developments/Debates about the Precautionary Principle" by Nicolas de Sadeleer (FUSL/LSTS-VUB)

2004.06.07: LSTS Seminar "The Belgian Assessment Process of the Bayer Canola" by Sebastien Denys (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)

2004.05.17: LSTS Seminar "Approches sociologiques de la perception de la science et du risque par le public" by Claire Marris (INRA Paris)

2004.05.10: LSTS Seminar "Molecular Characterization of the Genetic Maps of Commercial Genetically Modified Plants" by William Moens (Belgian Biosafety Council)

2004.05.04: LSTS Seminar "Les brevets et le vivant: l'impossible compromis?" by Pierre-Benoit Joly (INRA Paris)

2004.05.03: LSTS Seminar "Tensions epistemiques et role des "profanes" dans la construction scientifique des risques potentiels des OGM" by Christophe Bonneuil (INRA Paris)

2004.03.15: LSTS Seminar "Engineering and Patenting of Plant Varieties: A Threat to Food Security" by Wendel Trio (Greenpeace Belgium)

2004.03.01: LSTS Seminar "The Ethics of Patenting, with Particular Attention to GMO Patents" by Sigrid Sterckx (Universiteit Gent)

2004.02.16: LSTS Seminar "The GMO Challenge" by Marc Van Montagu (Plant Genetic Systems)

2004.02.16: LSTS Seminar "Feyerabend: we still need the medicine" by Jean-Paul Van Bendegem (LSTS-VUB)

2003.12.11: LSTS Seminar "In the Name of What: A Few Reasons to Allow a Lawyer to Speak about Representation when Representation Is Challenged by Criticisms Coming from Those Who Think that We Could Do Better" by Laurent de Sutter (LSTS-VUB)

2003.11.13: LSTS Seminar "Le politique � l��preuve des risques sanitaires" by Virginie Gimbert (ENS-Cachan, France)

2003.10.09: LSTS Seminar "Preceding and current positions and responsibilities of a post-geneticist regarding the biotechnology debate: sketch of an experiencing and thinking process. Or: The very regrettable unappetizingness of GMO-Food debates" by Danny Dewaele (Universiteit Gent)

2003.10.07: LSTS Seminar "Legal Aspects of GMOs" by Nicolas De Sadeleer (LSTS-VUB-FUSL)

2003.09.25: LSTS Seminar "ViWTA and GMOs" by Robby Berloznik (ViWTA)

2003.09.11: LSTS Seminar "Dispositifs de savoir/pouvoir et multiples modes d'existence du g�ne: la construction d'un devenir-h�ritier de Michel Foucault" by Nathalie Trussart (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)

2003.06.19: LSTS Seminar "Philosophy of Mathematics" by Karen François & Hans Comijn (LSTS-VUB)

2003.06.05: LSTS Seminar "Que dire, que faire, que penser sans faiblir? Petit repertoire inquiet des doutes et scrupules generes par la recherche en droit" by Laurent de Sutter (LSTS-VUB)

2003.05.22: LSTS Seminar "On an Interesting Subject" by Prof. Em. Boehm (Universiteit Gent)

2003.04.10: LSTS Seminar "Sciences du vivant et brevet: Histoire et état des lieux" by Daniel de Beer (LSTS-VUB)

2003.03.27: LSTS Seminar "Discussion of the concept of the correlated human" led by Serge Gutwirth (LSTS-VUB)

2003.03.27: LSTS Seminar "The Van San Case: Social Science and Policy" by Valerie Smet (Universiteit Gent)

2003.02.13: LSTS Seminar "Science in Court: Expert Evidence and the Attribution of Causality" by Mireille Hildebrandt (LSTS-VUB and Erasmus Rotterdam)

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