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About the Food Forum

Food law matters. Its relevance spans the everyday concerns of the average Belgian and European citizen to the business interests of SMEs and multinational agro-food companies as well as global trade. However, few Belgian academics seem to specialise in food law. This gap should be closed while seizing on the unique advantage a Brussels-based university has in being able to make use of the proximity to the Belgian federal government and EU institutions.

The VUB Food Forum

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has decided to create the « VUB Food Forum » an interdisciplinary Brussels-based food centre in the form of an offshoot of the Research Group on Law Science Technology and Society (LSTS).

Platform for debate

The Food Forum serves above all as a platform for debate and exchange between academics, stakeholders of all kinds as well as Belgian and EU officials. There are very many important topics for productive debate, allowing the organisation of lectures, conferences and seminars at regular intervals under the umbrella of academia.

A start has been made by the lecture-series of 5 and 12 May / 2 June 2014 (→ Events). A new series of lectures is in preparation.


The VUB Food Forum forms the nucleus for research on food law and policy at the VUB.

March 2015

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