Vinícius Borges Fortes


Vinícius Borges Fortes

Vinícius Borges Fortes is a post-doc researcher at VUB's Law, Science, Technology and Society Research Group and Brussels Privacy Hub.

He obtained a doctoral degree in Law from Estácio de Sá University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015), with an international scholarship from CAPES Foundation (Brazil) to be visiting researcher at University of Zaragoza, Spain (2014-2015), where he was supervised by Professor Fernando Galindo Ayuda.

His PhD thesis was about the inclusion of the so-called Internet Privacy Rights in Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights (Marco Civil da Internet) and the draft bill of rights on data protection in Brazil, mainly connected to the regulation of the fundamental right to privacy.

Currently, he is a researcher and lecturer at IMED's Law, IT and Computer Science Schools, in Passo Fundo, Brazil, teaching Legal Informatics and Intellectual Property Law courses. He is, also, an independent lawyer with experience in Law and New Technologies and Business Law areas. His research interests are around Internet privacy rights, data protection, surveillance and Internet regulation.


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