Serge Gutwirth

Professor at VUB & Co-Director of LSTS
Human rights, legal theory and methodology, comparative law, philosophy of law.

Paul De Hert

Professor at VUB, Associated Professor at Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (NL) & Co-Director of LSTS
Human rights, privacy, data protection, European and international criminal law.


Fabienne Brison

Professor at VUB
Intellectual property, copyright, information & technology law, media law.

James Peter Burgess

Professor at VUB
International relations, security and justice.

Laurent Desutter

Professor at VUB
Legal theory, sociology and philosophy of law.

Karen Francois

Professor at department of Philosophy at VUB, Director Doctoral School of Human Sciences.
Philosophy of science and mathematics, science and society, scientific integrity, methodology, phenomenology, mathematics education, doctoral training in EU.

Gloria Gonzalez Fuster

Professor at VUB
Fundamental rights, privacy, personal data protection, security and surveillance.

Mireille Hildebrandt

Research professor at VUB, Professor at Radboud University and Associate Professor at Erasmus School of Law
Philosophy of law, criminal procedure, science in court, comparative law and interfacing law and technology.

Christopher Kuner

Professor at VUB, Co-Director Brussels Privacy Hub
Data protection, privacy, EU law, human rights,public international law, comparative law.

Paul Quinn

Professor at VUB
Cross border healthcare, privacy and safety in eHealth/mHealth, stigmatisation.

Jean Paul Van Bendegem

Professor at VUB, Director of CLWF, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Philosophy of mathematics, the study of mathematical practices, sociology of mathematics, relations between science, mathematics and the arts.

Senior and postdoctoral researchers

Sari Depreeuw

Postdoctoral researcher at VUB, Lawyer at Brussels Bar
Intellectual property, copyright, information & technology law, media law.

Marco Giacalone

Researcher at VUB
Legal Informatics, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Media Law

Mihalis Kritikos

Postdoctoral Researcher at VUB
Risk Regulation, ethics of science, food law, technology assessment, scientific foresight, EU procedural and substantive law and EU environmental law.

Lucas Melgaço

Postdoctoral Researcher and lecturer at VUB
Surveillance and security, geography, public spaces, protests.

Vagelis Papakonstantinou

Postdoctoral researcher at VUB
Ict law, data protection, e-commerce, intellectual property.

Niels Van Dijk

Postdoctoral researcher at VUB
Philosphy of science, philosophy of law, intellectual property.


Irina Baraliuc

Researcher at VUB
Privacy and data protection, copyright, human rights, social media, emerging technologies.

Istvan Böröcz

Researcher at VUB
Privacy and data protection,risk to the rights and freedoms of the individual, theoretical and practical issues of the DSM.

Katja De Vries

Researcher at VUB
Legal theory & philosophy, data protection, anti-discrimination, history & philisophy of probability, statistics, cybernetics and machine learning.

Erika Ellyne

Researcher at VUB
Health law, biobanks, human rights.

Antonella Galetta

Researcher at VUB
Privacy and data protection law, human rights, surveillance studies, criminal law, ICT.

Inès Gallala

Researcher at VUB
Forensic criminal law, DNA in criminal law, human rights law, Belgian and international criminal law, science in the court rooms.

Raphaël Gellert

Researcher at VUB
Privacy and data protection, risk regulation, nanotechnologies, innovation policies, ICT for energy efficiency.

Lina Jasmontaite

Researcher at VUB
Protection of human rights, regulation of new technologies and cybersecurity.

Irene Kamara

Researcher at VUB
Privacy and data protection, standardisation, certification, liability and contract law, intellectual property rights.

Dariusz Kloza

Researcher at VUB & PRIO
Privacy and personal data protection, surveillance, European integration.

Ioulia Konstantinou

Researcher at VUB
Privacy and data protection, workplace privacy, information and technology law, intellectual property rights, liability.

Hans Lammerant

Researcher at VUB
Surveillance, privacy and data protection law, data science and statistics.

Gianclaudio Malgieri

Researcher at VUB
Privacy, data protection, Big Data Analytics, trade secrets, secret surveillance.

Eugenio Mantovani

Researcher at VUB
Human rights, ageing and technology, law and ageing, medical law.

Alexander Neumann

Researcher at VUB
Security studies, surveillance studies, quantitative methods, organizational ethnography, sociology, criminology, sociology of the law.

Ronny Saelens

Researcher at VUB
Privacy, data protection, ICT, electronic communications and surveillance.

Alessia Tanas

Researcher at VUB
Political science, European politics and regulation, energy and environmental security.

Laura Tielemans

Researcher at VUB
Data protection and privacy, geolocation, contextual integrity, fundamental rights, law and technology, European law, data protection by design and default.

Rosamunde Van Brakel

Researcher at VUB
Surveillance Studies, Technology and Youth Justice, Technology and Policing, Profiling, Big Data, Social, Ethical and Legal Consequences of New Technologies, Philosophy of Technology, Science and Technology studies.

Gabriela Zanfir Fortuna

Researcher at VUB
Privacy, Data Protection.

Affiliated researchers

Gertjan Boulet

Affiliated researcher
Privacy and data protection, cloud computing, criminal evidence

Michal Czerniawski

Affiliated researcher
Data protection, privacy, surveillance, intellectual property, ICT law.

Daniel de Beer

Affiliated researcher
Intellectual property rights, criminal law, society and law.

Dirk De Bot

Affiliated researcher
Privacy, data protection

Ann-Katrin Habbig

Affiliated researcher
Human rights, the capability approach, rights of elderly, fraily, public health, health law.

Hielke Hijmans

Affiliated researcher
The quality of legislation, EU law and law on Internet and privacy

Jens Karsten

Affiliated researcher
European and German food law, agricultural law, consumer and retailing, transport, travel and tourism.

Monika Kopcheva

Affiliated researcher
European and international criminal law, cyber crimes, child pornography.

Sandrien Mampaey

Affiliated researcher

Paul Nemitz

Affiliated researcher

Stephanie Pelet-Serra

Affiliated researcher
French and European Food law, French and EU Agriculture law, Consumer Law and Wine Law.

Sylwia Rasson

Affiliated researcher
International dispute settlement, intellectual property law, cybercrime.

Wim Schreurs

Affiliated researcher at VUB, Lawyer at Brussels Bar
ICT Law, privacy and data protection law, intellectual property law.

Gerrit Vandendriessche

Affiliated researcher
ICT law, data protection, e-commerce, electronic communications.

Mathias Vermeulen

Affiliated researcher
Privacy and data protection, counter-terrorism, social media, human rights.

Ben Wagner

Affiliated researcher
Internet governance of freedom of expression.

David Wright

Affiliated researcher
ICT law, data protection, e-commerce, electronic communications.

Visiting researchers

Colin Bennett

Visiting professor
Surveillance studies, privacy and data protection, technology and policing

Vinícius Borges Fortes

Visiting researcher
Legal informatics, intellectual property law, law and new technologies, business law.

Simon Davies

Visiting researcher
Privacy, surveillance, biometrics

Jake Goldenfein

Visiting researcher
Privacy and Data Protection, Jurisprudence, Media and Communications History and Theory

Gary T. Marx

Visiting professor
Surveillance studies, technology and policing

Oleksandr Pastukhov

ict, de-identification of CCTV data
Visiting researcher

Özgün Topak

Visiting postdoctoral researcher
Surveillance studies, migration

Former members

Rocco Bellanova

Data protection, international relations, area of freedom, security and justice.

Pedro Cristobal

Privacy and data protection

Koen Lemmens

Constitutional rights, privacy, press, free flow of information

Emma Dora Loeffelstiel

ICT & elderly, e-inclusion, privacy & data protection

Daniel Lopez

Science and technology studies, actor-network theory, care technologies, biopolitics

Alex Boniface Makulilo

Ict law, data protection, e-commerce, intellectual property

Karin Meerschaut

Els Soenens

Sociology, privacy, identity

Michiel Verlinden

Software, intellectual property law

Hans Comijn

Philosophy of science

Nicolas De Sadeleer

Environmental law

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