Gianclaudio Malgieri


Gianclaudio Malgieri
Law Science Technology & Society (LSTS)
Building B, room 4B317
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
B-1050 Brussels

secretary +32 2 629 24 60
fax +32 2 629 26 62


Gianclaudio Malgieri is a PhD researcher at LSTS since 2016. He studies personal data protection between market and human rights, empowerment of consumers, legal implications of Big Data Analytics, Data propertization and ownership between privacy and IPRs (with particular regard to trade secrets); secret surveillance.

He is actually working at H2020 “SUCCESS” project, for the development of security by design and privacy by design techniques of smart meters and smart grids.

He got an LLM with honours at University of Pisa, 2016 and he was an honour student at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa, Italy), where he is still a fellow researcher at the Lider-Lab, DIRPOLIS (SSSA). Author of several publications both in Italian and international legal journals (e.g. International Data Privacy Law, Privacy in Germany) and selected speaker at several international conferences (e.g. TPRC 2016 in Arlington, CPDP 2016 in Brussel, Law and Culture Conference 2016 in London, ICIL 2016 in Pretoria, ECIC 2016 in Venice, CWS 2016 in Wien, Undergraduate Conference 2015 in Budapest, Global Conference 2015 in New Delhi). He enriched his research experience both in Italy and abroad: indeed he attended Cyberlaw courses at London School of Economics; international trade law at World Trade Institute of the University of Bern and he was also a research student at École Normale Superieure de Paris. He is also student editor of Opinio Juris in Comparatione, Legal Journal of Comparative Law.


Malgieri Gianclaudio, De Hert Paul (2017) European Human Rights, Criminal Surveillance, and Intelligence Surveillance: Towards Good Enough Judicial Oversight. In: David Gray, Stephen Henderson (eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Surveillance Law. Cambridge University Press, pp. 509-532. ▸ Abstract

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