Research Projects

EU542 : Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters and Electronic IT Data in the EU: Ensuring Efficient Cross-Border Cooperation and Mutual Trust

Gonzalez Fuster Gloria (Administrative Promotor)
1/09/2017 → 31/08/2019

EU528 : CANDID: Checking Assumptions aND promoting responsibility In smart Development projects

Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Van Dijk Niels (Scientific Promotor)
1/12/2016 → 30/11/2017

EU511 : CANVAS:Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cybersecurity

Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Gonzalez Fuster Gloria (Co-Promotor), Jasmontaite Lina (Collaborator)
1/09/2016 → 31/08/2019

EU505 : ADVISE: Advanced Video Surveillance archives search Engine for security applications

Burgess James Peter (Administrative Promotor), Antoine Anthony (Co-Promotor), Liem Jacintha (Collaborator), Sterckx Anne (Collaborator)
1/03/2012 → 28/02/2015

FWOTM800 : Nieuwe ecologieën van de /voor de medische diagnose

Van Bendegem Jean Paul (Administrative Promotor)
1/10/2015 → 30/09/2018

FWOTM803 : Rechten in Ontwerp. De Technologische Reconstitutie van Privacy en Gegevensbescherming

Van Dijk Niels (Administrative Promotor)
1/10/2015 → 30/09/2018

EU488 : PRINTEGER : Promoting Integrity as an Integral Dimension of Excellence in Research

Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Christiaens Jenneke (Administrative Promotor), Gonzalez Fuster Gloria (Collaborator), Van Buggenhout Marijke Caroline (Collaborator)
1/09/2015 → 31/08/2018

FWOAL752 : A Risk for a Right ?

Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Gellert Raphaël Maurice (Collaborator), Van Dijk Niels (Collaborator)
1/01/2015 → 31/12/2018

EU412 : EPINET: Epistemic networks

Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Hildebrandt Mireille (Scientific Promotor), Van Dijk Niels (Collaborator)
1/05/2012 → 30/04/2015


Gonzalez Fuster Gloria (Collaborator), Verfaillie Kristof (Collaborator), Christiaens Jenneke (Co-Promotor), Menichelli Francesca (Collaborator), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor)
1/02/2012 → 31/07/2015


De Hert Paul (Administrative Promotor), Quinn Paul (Collaborator), De Hert Paul (Scientific Promotor), Habbig Ann-Katrin (Collaborator)
1/09/2011 → 30/04/2013


Gellert Raphaël Maurice (Collaborator), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Bellanova Rocco (Collaborator), De Hert Paul (Co-Promotor), Vermeulen Mathias (Collaborator)
1/02/2011 → 30/04/2014

EU378 : SIAM: Security Impact Assessment Measure - A decision support system for security technology investments

Verfaillie Kristof (Collaborator), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Hildebrandt Mireille (Scientific Promotor), Van Brakel Rosamunde Elise (Collaborator)
1/02/2011 → 31/03/2014

EU371 : VALUE-AGEING:Incorporating European Fundamental Values into ICT for Ageing : a Vital Political, Ethical, Technological and Industrial Challenge

De Hert Paul (Administrative Promotor), Mantovani Eugenio (Collaborator), Loeffelstiel Emma Dora (Collaborator)
1/10/2010 → 30/09/2014

EU367 : PIAF: A Privacy Impact Assessment Framework for Data Protection and Privacy Rights

De Hert Paul (Administrative Promotor), Kloza Dariusz (Collaborator), De Hert Paul (Scientific Promotor)
1/01/2011 → 31/10/2012

FWOAL581 : Public and private use: an online private sphere in copyright?

Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Depreeuw Sari (Coördinator), Brison Fabienne (Co-Promotor), Baraliuc Irina (Collaborator)
1/01/2011 → 31/12/2014

FWOAL580 : Contextual privacy and the proliferation of location data

Tielemans Laura (Collaborator), Hildebrandt Mireille (Co-Promotor), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor)
1/01/2011 → 31/12/2014

IWT513 : EMSOC: User Empowerment in a social media culture

Baelden Dorien (Collaborator), Pierson Jos (Administrative Promotor), Pierson Jos (Coördinator), Gutwirth Serge (Co-Promotor), Vermeulen Mathias (Collaborator)
1/12/2010 → 30/11/2014

HOA27 : Human rights in situations of (extreme) dependency

Snacken Sonja (Administrative Promotor), Gutwirth Serge (Co-Promotor), De Hert Paul (Co-Promotor), Distelmans Wim (Co-Promotor), Bilsen Johan (Co-Promotor)
1/01/2011 → 31/12/2014

EU355 : REACTION - Remote Accessibility to Diabetes Management and Therapy in Operational healthcare Networks

De Hert Paul (Administrative Promotor), Gutwirth Serge (Co-Promotor), Mantovani Eugenio (Collaborator), De Hert Paul (Scientific Promotor), Quinn Paul (Collaborator)
1/03/2010 → 28/02/2014

FWOAL545 : Commodification of human bodily materials, ethics and regulation

Gutwirth Serge (Co-Promotor), Sterckx Sigrid (Administrative Promotor), Van Assche Kristof (Collaborator)
1/01/2010 → 31/12/2013

EU343 : PRESCIENT: Privacy and emerging fields of science and technology: Towards a common framework for privacy and ethical assessment

Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Gellert Raphaël Maurice (Collaborator), De Hert Paul (Co-Promotor), Bellanova Rocco (Collaborator)
1/01/2010 → 31/03/2013

EU313 : INEX: converging and conflicting ethical values in the internal/external security continuum in Europe

Bellanova Rocco (Collaborator), De Hert Paul (Co-Promotor), Gonzalez Fuster Gloria (Collaborator), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor)
1/04/2008 → 31/03/2011

EU302 : PRITUIS : Study on privacy and trust in the ubiquitous information society - analysis of the impact of convergent and pervasive information and communication technologies on privacy and data protection and needs and options for development of the legal framework

Gonzalez Fuster Gloria (Collaborator), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), De Hert Paul (Co-Promotor)
21/12/2007 → 20/12/2008

EU297 : SENIOR : Social ethical and privacy needs in ICT for older people : a dialogue roadmap

Mantovani Eugenio (Collaborator), Gutwirth Serge (Co-Promotor), De Hert Paul (Administrative Promotor)
1/01/2008 → 31/12/2009

GOA50 : Law and Autonomic Computing: Mutual Transformations

Hildebrandt Mireille (Collaborator), De Vries Ekaterina (Collaborator), Van Dijk Niels (Collaborator), Saelens Ronny (Collaborator), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), De Hert Paul (Co-Promotor)
1/01/2007 → 31/12/2011

IWT317 : Content in a digital environment. An interdisciplinary research programme on E-publishing "FLEET"

Vandenbrande Kristel (Co-Promotor), Brison Fabienne (Co-Promotor), De Hert Paul (Co-Promotor), Pauwels Caroline (Administrative Promotor), Gutwirth Serge (Co-Promotor), Van Hove Leo (Co-Promotor), Depreeuw Sari (Collaborator)
1/03/2006 → 31/05/2010

EU239 : SPICE IPCA : Service platform for innovative communication environment

Ballon Pieter (Co-Promotor), De Beer De Laer Daniel (Collaborator), Pauwels Caroline (Administrative Promotor), Brison Fabienne (Co-Promotor), Gutwirth Serge (Co-Promotor), Van Hove Leo (Co-Promotor), Moscibroda Anna (Collaborator)
1/01/2006 → 30/06/2008

EU227 : REFGOV : Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest

De Schutter Bartholome (Co-Promotor), Paepe Pieter (Collaborator), De Hert Paul (Co-Promotor), Gonzalez Fuster Gloria (Collaborator), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor)
1/06/2005 → 31/05/2010

EU214 : Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence. (SWAMI)

Moscibroda Anna (Collaborator), Verlinden Michiel (Collaborator), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor)
1/02/2005 → 31/07/2006

EU197 : FIDIS, The future of Identity in the information Society

Soenens Els (Collaborator), Schreurs Wim Jan (Collaborator), De Hert Paul (Co-Promotor), Gutwirth Serge (Administrative Promotor), Hildebrandt Mireille (Co-Promotor)
1/04/2004 → 30/06/2009

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