How to reach our campuses?

The faculties, services and departments of Vrije Universiteit Brussel are located in 4 campuses in the Brussels-Capital Region: Etterbeek, Jette and Anderlecht.

Brussels Health Campus

-Aka the ‘medical’ campus. Houses the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. The University Hospital and the forest of Laarbeek  are just a stone's throw away.

How to reach Brussels Health Campus

Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

The largest campus of VUB in the greenery with a restaurant, sports facilities and lots of  meeting places.

How to reach Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

Brussels Photonics Campus

​The Photonics Campus ​houses high-tech platforms​ for ​micro-optical design in clean room conditions​ up, next ​to a fully equipped technology hall​ for advanced polymer prototyping.

How to reach Brussels Photonics Campus

Brussels Technology Campus

The place to be to study Engineering Technology and have fun in the FabLab Brussel.

How to reach Brussels Technology Campus