What is the VUB Biotech Summer School 2019 all about?

  • Are you a bachelor student with a background in biology, chemistry, biotechnology or biomedical sciences?
  • Do you want to learn how biotechnology is used in applications?
  • Do you want to learn more on themes related to cancer research, synthetic biology, structural biology, plant genetics, and research valorisation?

If so, then sign up and come to Brussels for a week's summer school.


VIDEO: see and hear more about the biotech summer school 2019

Find out more about the Biotech Summer School 2019 and meet some of the people involved!

What will you discover during this one week?

You will be immersed in the multidisciplinary and international research environment of the VUB which has an excellent reputation in training and research in molecular biology and biotechnology. Inspiring lectures will be combined with hands-on workshops with experienced researchers in state-of-the-art laboratories of the "Structural Biology Brussels", "Microbiology" and "Cellular and Molecular Immunology" research groups. 

You will go on a fascinating journey starting from the molecular level with a focus on proteins, to the cellular level with a focus on the engineering of microorganisms for use as cell factories, and on disease. The common thread through all the workshops and lectures are two classes of proteins: green fluorescent protein, which can be used as a research tool, and nanobodies, a unique class of camel antibiodies with far-reaching applications in biotechnology and medicine. Every day of the summer school will focus on a different theme: molecules, genes, cells, disease and applications. 

Overview of the week's programme

"I learned how the smallest thing can have the most impact on human lives; I learned what it is to work with passion. I want to thank VUB for giving me the chance to meet all the professors, other people and the friends I made. This week is one of the best of my life", Mariana Cunha, 2016

An overview of the week's programme - 5-9 August 2019

Day 1 - Monday 5 August 2019:

  • Opening lecture and overview of practicalities
  • Lecture on 'proteins and structure-function relationship'
  • Workshop 'visualisation and analsysis of protein structures'
  • Evening: group dinner.

Day 2 - Tuesday 6 August 2019:

  • Lecture on 'genetic and genome engineering methods'
  • Workshop on 'genetic engineering of microorganisms'
  • Afternoon visit to a brewery in Brussels
  • Evening: guided walking tour of Brussels 

Day 3 - Wednesday 7 August 2019:

  • Lectures on 'metabolic engineering and synthetic biology' and 'biotechnological potential of extremophiles'
  • Visit of the research group 'plant genetics'
  • Workshop on 'fluorescence microscopy'
  • Evening: free

Day 4 - Thursday 8 August 2019:

  • Workshop on 'nanobodies in parasitology research'
  • Workshop on 'cancer research' and visit to the research group 'cellular and molecular immunology'
  • Evening: free

Day 5 - Friday 9 August 2019:

  • Morning visit to the VIB Institute (Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie) in Gent
  • Afternoon closing lecture and goodby reception at the VUB with handing out of certificates.

Date: 5-9 August 2019

Place: the VUB Humanities, Sciences and Engineering Campus, Brussels, Belgium

Credits: 3 ECTS

Registration fee including accommodation: €990

Registration fee excluding accommodation: €450

!!! Please note there are no scholarships available from VUB for this summer school !!!!

Application Deadline: 1 May 2019. 

Please upload on the Application tab, your cv and motivational letter. If accepted you will be contacted with information on how and where to register, as well as payment details.

Disclaimer #1: the organisers reserve the right to cancel this summer school if there is not a minimum number of participants. The minimum for this summer school to go ahead is 10. The decision will be taken on 1 May. 

Disclaimer #2 regarding cancellation policy:

  • A full reimbursement of the registration fee will be given if cancellation happens before 1 April 2019 (this does not include reimbursement of flights, or other travel expenses. Only the registration fee (including or excluding accommodation) will be reimbursed). 
  • A partial reimbursement of 50% of the registration fee will be given if cancellation happens between 2 April until 15 May 2019 (this does not include reimbursement of flights, or other travel expenses. Only the registration fee (including or excluding accommodation) will be reimbursed). 
  • After 15 May 2019 there will be no reimbursements of the registrations fees due to cancellation.


Any questions?

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