Study guidance

Centre for Study and Guidance

The Centre for Study and Guidance offer students opportunities to assimilate or revise subjects on their own, or to test their knowledge of the course material. The emphasis is mainly on teaching students to work independently, helping them to gear their study methods to their personal rhythm and potential.
The Centre for Study and Guidance stocks a broad selection of documentation material which students are free to use, such as textbooks and course notes, transparencies, collections of exercises, sample examination questions, video series in connection with certain programme components, or additional material on CD-ROM. These materials are ideal aids for students to prepare for their exams. In addition, the self-study centres regularly organise interactive working groups on study skills.

There are three Centres for Study and Guidance at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel:

  • For Social Sciences: CSB-A
  • For Exact Sciences: CSB-B
  • For Medical Sciences: CSB-M

Educational path counsellors

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel attaches great importance to helping students familiarize themselves with university life and to providing good student guidance. The recent introduction of a more flexible higher education system requires a new kind of student guidance. In order to deal with these innovations, a special educational trajectory counselor has been appointed for each faculty.

As their job title says, they are the people to contact if you have any questions or problems in connection with your educational path. Were your exam results a disappointment? Do you have any questions about your study programme, exemptions or retakes? Are you finding it difficult to choose among the Masters you can take once you have earned your Bachelor’s degree? Do you need help with putting together a tailor-made educational path? Of do you just need someone to talk things over with? The educational path counsellors are the first person you should see. They will monitor your progress and give you advice whenever you need it.

For the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences and Solvay Business School

Heidi Belet
Tel: 02-629 25 11 

Joyce Huvaere
Tel: 02-629 12 75

For the Faculty of Physical Education and physiotherapy:

Kelly Van Hoorebeeck
Tel: 02-629 39 57

Faculty of Engineering

Annelies Deboelpaep
Tel: 02-629 28 82

Faculty of Science and Bio-engineering Sciences

Reen Tallon 
Tel: 02-629 17 43 

For the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy:

Romy Demol 
Tel: 02-629 15 21

Nicolas Mazeure
02-629 15 21 

For the Faculty of Law and Criminology :

Maaike Lemaire
Tel: 02-629 15 77

Nicolas Mazeure
02-629 24 72

For the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences:

Inge Van Mol 
Tel: 02-629 30 65 

For the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy:

Petra Jacobs Tel: 02 477 47 63 


Study Counselling

Are you having problems with study methods or your choice of subjects? Then contact the Study Advice Service. Visit the web page of the Study Counselling Service for lots of useful information.