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ARCH Exposes in Amsterdam

For the yearly Future Visions in Structure expo, which takes place in Amsterdam this year, a team of researchers of the department of Architectural Engineering designed and built a lightweight structure. The Undulatus pavilion, named after the Undulatus Asperatus cloud formation which it strongly resembles, is a nice example of a demountable construction kit. In less than two hours, its 99 components can be assembled into a suspended shell structure of thin, folded plates. The resulting weave pattern is not only beautiful, but also defines the structural behaviour and curved geometry of the system, which weighs less than 30 kg

The project is a successful test for the construction kit that can also serve as a self-standing shelter. The Undulatus pavilion is part of a free exposition in the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ which runs until the 23rd of August. The exhibition will be concluded by an international conference, attended by engineers, architects, and researchers from around the world.

More information on the VUB pavilion can be found here.