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VUBToday: On honorary doctorates, Dies Natalis and Belgian history

Next week, Tuesday May 23rd 2017, VUB will award its honorary doctorates. In 2011 the event was held on May 25th, in 2013 on May 28th and in 2015 on May 29th. Why always in May? The answers is simple: that is the month in which King Baudouin signed into law the legislation that gave VUB legal status. The day on which he did so, May 28th, is the day VUB officially saw the light. Through its honorary doctorates in May VUB wants to honour that joyous event. VUB’s official birthday or Dies Natalis therefore is May 28th. But the university already started its first academic year on October 1st, 1969. The reason for that coincides with the language struggle and contestation movement of the sixties.  read more on VUB Today