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Have you met our VUB Fellows? Each year we welcome a new class of Fellows to jointly strengthen the ties between Academia and Society. “VUB Fellow” is a title bestowed upon unique personalities such as top-level company executive officers or company staff members, visionary politicians or decision makers, and leading figures of civil society organisations. The Fellowship is the highest grade of membership for our Alma Mater.

Prof. Hugo Thienpont

Where academia and society meet

Since Vrije Universiteit Brussel initiated its Fellowship programme with five Solvay Fellows in 2012, the VUB Fellowship not only has had a significant impact, it definitely has changed our university. Our Fellows have improved the quality of our research and our education, the employability of our graduates and our overall capacity for innovation and competitiveness. 

For the seventh time now we are privileged to warmly welcome a new class of Fellows. They will help us to further connect academia and society. 

Through the VUB Fellowship Programme, all who are involved discuss joint challenges, exchange experiences, share good practices and learn from one another for the benefit of research, innovation, academic education and society in general.

“VUB Fellow” is the highest grade of membership at our Alma Mater, a title bestowed upon unique personalities: top level business people, visionary decision makers, socially relevant personalities.

This year we are introducing 37 new Fellows. In total, VUB now has almost one hundred outstanding Fellows and 24 Honorary Fellows, who have agreed to continue their commitment.

Vicerector Hugo Thienpont

University Fellowship Coordinator

University Fellowship Coordinator
Prof. Hugo Thienpont



Fellowship Ceremony 2019

This year's Fellowship Ceremony is planned on Friday, the 21st of June 2019. The Fellows and guests will receive an invitation soon.

Fellowship Networking Cocktail 2019

The annual Fellowship networking cocktail took place on 20 March 2019 at ETAP Lighting. Our host was Fellow Christl Joris, president of ETAP. The guests had the privilege of being introduced to ETAP and the many possibilities that light has to offer. The interesting presentations were followed by a tour at the impressive light showroom.

These photos were taken by Thierry Geenen.

WeKonnekt-week VUB voor studenten letterkunde i.s.m. Passa Porta

Op 29 maart 2019 de VUB i.s.m. Passa Porta de WeKonnekt-week VUB voor de studenten van de faculteit letterkunde.

Om studenten maximaal te laten profiteren van het Passa Porta Festival (en activiteiten in de marges daarvan) worden voor sommige vakken Engelstalige en Spaanstalige Letterkunde de off-campusactiviteiten een weekje vroeger ingepland. Concreet organiseert Passa Porta in op 29 maart 2019 een hele reeks schrijfworkshops  met jonge schrijvers die zullen deelnemen aan het festival. VUB-studenten nemen ofwel deel aan deze Connecting Emerging Literary Artists workshops op de VUB-campus (Spaanstalige Letterkunde – Diana Castilleja) of bij Passa Porta zelf (Engelstalige Letterkunde – Elisabeth Bekers):

  • José Gardeazabal (Portugal), “The Fifth Story” workshop
  • Simone Atangana Bekono (Nederland), “Language and Music” workshop
  • Livia Franchini (Italië), “Found in Translation” workshop

Passa Porta Festival 2019

Tussen 28 en 31 maart 2019 organiseert Passa Porta Het Passa Porta Festival 2019I
Ilke Froyen is algemeen directeur van Passa Porta en LW Fellow. Volg de link voor meer informatie.

Er is kruisbestuiving tussen het festival en lopend onderzoek aan de VUB (onderzoeksgroepen CLIC en RHEA)

  • Op de openingsavond op 28 maart spreekt Reni Eddo-Lodge een jonge, zwarte vrouw over structureel racisme.
  • Op de vooravond van Brexit (29 maart) is er een literair concert Goodbye, Hello om het vertrek van het Verenigd Koninkrijk uit de Europese Unie niet onopgemerkt voorbij te laten gaan. Dat concert vormt ook de slotavond van de Fictions of Europe conferentie georganiseerd door de VUB (Elisabeth Bekers & Janine Hauthal). Congresdeelnemers zullen met korting het Passa Porta Festival kunnen meemaken.


Fellowship Networking Cocktail 2018

The annual Fellowship networking cocktail took place on March 26th at RSC Anderlecht. Our host was Fellow David Steegen, Head Communication, RSCA Media Platform & Fan Engagement.

The theme of the evening was "The power of RSC Anderlecht's media platform". More than 100 guests participated in this networking evening.

Fellowship Ceremony 2018

37 new Fellows were inaugurated during the official inauguration ceremony on June 21th in the Concert Noble. Rector Caroline Pauwels held the welcome speech and Vicerector Innovation and Valorisation Hugo Thienpont emphasized the importance of the Fellows network among the guests.

The keynote was brought by Minister of Finance, Budget and External Relations, Guy Vanhengel. The Minister spoke about the city of Brussels, as the largest student city in Belgium.

After the official program there was an opportunity to network during a walking dinner.

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