Leerstoel Cultureel Erfgoed

Leerstoel Cultureel Erfgoed

Mission Statement

The Establishment of a Unesco chair on critical heritage studies and safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage. The purpose of the chair shall be to promote an integrated system of research, training, information and documentation on safeguarding the instangible cultureal heritage. It will facilitate collaboration between high-level, internationally-recognized researchers and teachting staff of the University and other institutions in Belgium, as well as elsewhere in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and other regions of the world.




The specific objectives of this chair are to develop, jointly with partners, an interlockings set of (frameworks for) codes of ethics in safeguarding cultural heritage, focusing first on safeguarding instangible cultural heritage and then connecting it to other model codes of etics in the field of culture, as well as other fields.


15/3/2014 – 15/3/2018


Marc Jacobs Faculty LW