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IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS (originally, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a programme for statistical analysis in social science. Data management (case selection, file reshaping, creating derived data) and data documentation are features of the base software.
The Computing Centre has an IBM SPSS site license for ULB- and VUB-staff & students. This license does NOT cover the University hospitals UZ Brussel & Erasme. As of 2012-2013 the standard 'Statistica Base' license has been extended to 'SPSS Statistics Premium', which offers all previous products, plus:

   - Decision Trees
   - Data Preperation
   - Direct Marketing
   - Neural Networks
   - Text Analytics for Surveys
   - VizDesigner
   - Complex Samples

We also distribute the IBM SPSS Data Collection software.

More info can be found on:

IBM SPSS additional tools

  • IBM SPSS Data Collection Bundle
    The former Data Entry Builder and Station products are no longer supported on Windows. Instead a Data Collection Bundle (Translation Utility, Data Enrty Interviewer & Data Entry Author) Author & Desktop has been released.
    The Data Collection Bundle enables you to control the entire survey process from design and data collection to analysis and reporting, reach all constituents regardless of language or location and apply real-time logic and data validation to ensure clean, high quality data.
  • SPSS LegacyViewer
    The SPSS Legacy Viewer (aka SmartViewer 15) is a freely distributed application for viewing SPSS Output Navigator (*.spo) files created by SPSS version 15 or earlier. *.spo files cannot be opened using SPSS version 16 or higher.

    The SPSS Legacy Viewer lets you edit SPSS Output Navigator files, but you cannot export them to other applications, other than by copy/paste.
There are 2 types of licenses:
1) single license: this license allows one installation on one computer. After installation the provided installation-key becomes obsolete.

2) 20-pack license: this license allows up to 20 installations. After these 20 installations the provided installation-key becomes obsolete. IBM SPSS allows installing the 20 copies on PC as well as on MacOS & Linux with one single installation-key. Thus a mix can be made, e.g. 8 pc + 12 MacOS installations.
20-pack licenses installed in 1 single classroom benefit from a price-reduction.

This license is yearly (expiring mid September - in sync with the academic year) renewable. For pricing and ordering, please visit the page: Order campus licenses online.

A student licence is also available (BaMa students only):
BaMa students can buy a single license of IBM SPSS International. This license allows one installation on one computer. After installation the provided installation-key becomes obsolete.

All VUB students can purchase keys in the VUBtiek campus Oefenplein & Jette.

For ULB, keys are currently only available for Psychology students . You can purchase them at 'FACULTE DES SCIENCES PSYCHOLOGIQUES ET DE L'EDUCATION' - Campus du Solbosh ULB.
Avenu Antoine Depage, 30 - CP 191. Building D 10th floor - office D10.153
Mme Aude Fenaux - Service des Analyses de Données
Secretariate open from Monday till Friday 9.00h - 12.30h.
Phone: 02/650.3616
Please contact us if you want to help us by distributing student licenses in your faculty.

Please make your choice among the various products for Mac OS, Windows & Linux. Do start by downloading & reading the READMEFIRST document, as it contains specific installation instructions. Also make sure that your computer meets the system requirements for the specific software.

Product Version Platform Type
ReadMeFirst to download & install SPSS 25
IBM SPSS Statistics - International 25
IBM SPSS Sample Power - International 3
IBM SPSS Text Analytics - International 4
Windows MIXED
IBM SPSS Visualisation Designer - International 1.0.3
Windows MIXED
IBM SPSS Data Collection Bundle - International 7
Windows MIXED
SPSS LegacyViewer - English
15 Windows ZIP
SPSS LegacyViewer - French
15 Windows

IBM SPSS support & contact info

  • SPSS FixPacks
    Always apply the latest IBM FixPacks (formerly known as SPSS Patches) before requesting support. FixPacks solve most of the known problems. SoftWeb keeps local download-images of these FixPacks (see above), but it is always a good idea to check the IBM portal for the latest updates.
    As of January 31, 2012, each IBM client accessing Fix Central is required to have an individual IBM ID to download fixes. If you do not currently have an IBM ID, please use the following link to download/register under VUB-ULB (Account ID 0003244257).
  • SPSS Knowledge base
    You can use the knowledge database to search for an elaborate meaning of error codes.
    E.g. Error 106 : Maximum number of installations for this authorisation code has been reached.
  • Contact info
    What to do if you still have an unsolved SPSS problem?

    - For technical problems, please contact IBM SPSS technical support or submit a case.

    - For purchasing information and problems regarding installation & authorization codes (e.g. after crashed or replaced pc), please contact and we will will be glad to help you out.

    Students/staff on campus Jette
    can also benefit from on-campus support every Wednesday. Please call (02/4774482) or ask for it at the Medical library desk.

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