“With humanistic values as our guiding principle and ideological basis we can map today's major issues. Science offers their solutions. These values are man-made and if we do not continue to strive for their betterment, they can be lost." - Rector Caroline Pauwels

Invest in society and help advance the world

Since 1969 VUB is the only true free university in Flanders. Vrije Universiteit Brussel is a place where professors and students have the freedom to think, to research and to innovate. This absolute freedom of thought has enriched our society and economy with exceptional ideas and insights over the past half century. That freedom gave us all wings and lead to growth. That freedom is not self-evident however, it need to be protected and nourished.

That is why the VUB Foundation exists. To finance free-thinking research through companies and individuals. For the coming fifty years will be crucial to the world. Will we finally succeed to live on sustainable energy sources alone? Will we be able to make innovative health care accessible to everyone? Those are the questions we want to solve. With a free spirit. That is why your contribution is essential.

How can I help?

Since 1969 VUB contributes to knowledge, innovation, technology, education and research. We want to continue playing that role. That is why we need your support. That is how you invest in society and help the world advance. You can contribute in whichever way suits you best.

Create your own academic chair


Invest in knowledge

Make the difference through a project


Invest in tomorrow’s society

Translate your personal motives into a fund

Link your name to an earmarked purpose

Invest in your passion

An impact on the future, even when you’re no longer here


Invest in your legacy

Invest in innovation and be a pioneer in your field!

When entrepreneurs and scientists cooperate, everyone wins. And VUB can grow and invest sustainably. Your organisation will get name recognition and more expertise in through the research that you support. Discover how we can work together and what chances you help create.

Find out here how your organisation grows thanks to VUB

Discover how we grow thanks to your support

The VUB Foundation is committed to providing moral guarantees for fundraising and to guaranteeing the transparency of the accounts. Discover our code of conduct and financial management here.

Investing in the VUB pays off. Discover the annual results of the VUB Foundation here. The result of our networking, the efforts and support of individuals, companies and sympathisers.



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Invest in knowledge and society - Create a VUB chair

In a partnership with VUB you help shape your own expertise center. We include your company and your employees in guest lectures, workshops, discussion forums and symposia. Create a chair and contribute to your own innovation and development. Or translate your vision into a societal accent. You will reap maximum benefits from the fundamental research and through your chair your organisation will gain relevant knowledge.

You partake in the societal debate and stimulate research and development in your name.

Structural partnerships

A chair is an ideal way to create a partnership between your organisation and VUB. This way you you can broaden the research for your company by using the extensive expertise of the various VUB research groups. On the other hand VUB will have the chance to test insights and hypotheses in practice thanks to the cooperation with your company. That allows us to become structural partners in the long run.

VUB focuses on active research chair policy

This way our research contributes to economic and social growth. At the same time your organisation reaps the benefits of the image of our university, the expertise of our scientists, the results of their research and the strength of our network of partners, alumni and opinion leaders in numerous fields. Contact us for more information about a VUB chair. Discover the conditions for a chair and let us evaluate you project right now.

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Chairs by Name

International Awards & Platforms

Take a share in progress, participate in a VUB project

Giving is receiving. That is how we at VUB Foundation think about your donation. Professors and students at VUB aim to improve society in an economic, scientific and - particularly - human way. Through your investment you partake in sustainable and structural solutions for all members of our society. Together we make progress happen. 


FabLab – A creative hub at the heart of VUB

Six years ago VUB started the construction of its own creative workshop. A place where engineering students could operate all machines free of charge for five days a week. Six years later our FabLab is a central part of the course that has the motto Prototypes! not powerpoints. Now, other students and creative locals find their way to the open laboratory too. To further expand this maker space, we need more space. That is why the FabLab is moving to a new location, centrally located on Campus Etterbeek and it continues to build at the open, multidisciplinary workspace that will be open to all VUB students and the rest of Brussels.  

Will you build with us? Make a donation to the FabLab here. 

VUB Children's University

Science is our future. Needed more than ever in a complex world full of challenges. But the influx of students in exact sciences is still too low. The VUB Children's University project wants to introduce children to the fascinating and fun world of science at an early age. Our PhD students pull out all the stops in enticing workshops to get children all excited about science and technology. 

Invest in tomorrow's scientists here

Arabic language courses - A culture starts with your own identity

Almost 350.000 inhabitants of Brussels are of Arabic descent. VUB is fortunate enough to be situated in Brussels, but we also have the responsibility to tackle the challenges inherent to a metropolitan context with our knowledge and insights. With education project VUB offers children between 6 and 15 a neutral platform to get an indepth understanding of Arabic language and culture. Through a scientifically substantiated learning platform VUB wants to support identity-building and social integration of children. Since we are firm believers that different cultures lead to more respect and tolerance.  

Do you believe it too? Support the project here

Invest in the Learning and Innovation Center

A donation to the zero-energy Learning and Innovation Centre (LlC) is an investment in the knowledge society of tomorrow. Help this brand-new knowledge hub grow into an international reference. There is an immediate knowledge return, but your financial contribution also creates tangible societal added value. 

Find out what the Learning and Innovation Centre has to offer here.

Restoration of the rectorate building

The rectorate building at Vrije Universiteit Brussel is the symbol of the values of our university. Government subsidies are not adequate to fully fund the refurbishment works. That is why VUB is looking for partners who want to restore this masterpiece of architect Renaat Braem in all its glory, with respect for the initial vision of the artistic master builder himself. 

More info about this valuable project can be found here.

Your benefit

VUB is very much in tune with what is going on in society. It pledges its knowledge and insights for the benefit of that society and the challenges that a metropolitan context entails. This can be found in all the projects that originate at VUB. Every project needs to have a positive impact on society. And you can strenghten that impact. By supporting a VUB project as an individual or organisation. 

As a donor to the VUB Foundation you furthermore invest in your own network. Because your support to our university comes with all the benefits of our elaborate knowledge platform. 

You decide where to invest and VUB gives you societal growth in return. We will keep you informed on the progress of the project and for all donations above €40 you will recieve a tax certificate.  



Find the best way suited for you to contribute. The VUB Foundation is also happy to assist you with information about a research chair or fund in your name as well as a consultation regarding your will.

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Our success stories

Thanks to the support of more than 1000 VUB sympathisers and partners from the corporate world we were able to make various projects possible, thus helping VUB grow even more. 

Find an overview of our success stories here. 

An impact on the future, even when you are no longer here

Even after your death you can still make a difference for others. When you include VUB in your will, you are guaranteed that your estate will create added value to society. You can support VUB through a donation or a bequest in your will. 

Imagine: you pass away without a will. There is only a distant heir - e.g. a cousin - resulting in a loss of 60 to 85% of your estate to inheritance tax. What a shame, to see your carefully established fortune vanish into thin air. 

By including VUB - a certified charity - in your will you enjoy a fiscally advantageous tarif. That allows you to invest the majority of your fortune in what you deem important. A bequest can exist of a sum of money or objects, equity instruments, art works, real estate... Hereby you strengthen new initiatives of VUB based on your personal interest. 

Do you wish to bequeath your estate to VUB? Draw up a testament that describes the nature of your donation. We will consequently make sure - together with you, your loved ones and financial or legal advisor - that your legacy has the impact it deserves.

You determine the beneficiary of your donation yourself. You can e.g. bequeath someting to a faculty, a research group or a certain research field. Through your will you can also create a fund in your name or support an existing fund. 


Duo legate: benefit for your heirs and a donation to VUB

In your will you can leave a portion of your legacy to the university. You can - without disadvantaging your heirs - make a donation to VUB. The principle of a duo legate is simple. As the name suggests, a duo legate consists of two legacies. You leave a sum or a property to your heirs ánd another sum to VUB. The university not only its own inheritance tax, but also that of your heirs. Your inheritors do not need to pay inheritance tax themselves and are left with more.

This way you maximize your legacy:

You support a good cause and insure societal progress through research and innovation ánd you make sure that your heirs are left with more net inheritance!

In my case I decided to already make a donation now. Giving is a blessing in its own right. The fact that I can do so for a Flemish university in Brussels that furthermore reflects my personal values, is something I am extremely grateful for. And I hope to contribute further after my death.

Translate your personal motives into a Fund or Chair

A Fund in your name allows you to support a specific aspect of VUB or targeted research. It provides a tailored approach whereby you can accentuate scientific and social policy yourself. You can start a Fund in your name through a donation or include a Fund in your will and testament. Furthermore you can contribute to existing Funds as a sponsor. Your donation is indispensable oxygen to our Funds. 

Be inspired by Mireille Arens who founded a Chair in life.


VUB Philantropist Mireille Arens has a heart for animals. That is why she decided to donate a part of her estate to VUB in order to create a chair to finance research into the reduced use of lab animals in scientific experiments. As the donor of the chair she is closely involved with the research.

Translate your personal motivation into a Fund

A Fund in your name allows you to support a specific aspect of VUB or targeted research. It provides a tailored approach whereby you can accentuate scientific and social policy yourself. You can start a Fund in your name through a donation or include a Fund in your will and testament. Furthermore you can contribute to existing Funds as a sponsor. Your donation is indispensable oxygen to our Funds. 

VUB Scientific Support Fund

Support scientific pioneering and let research be truly free. Your contribution gives financial breathing room to independent thinkers. And that results in creative, innovative solutions that benefit the entire society. 

More information

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Fund Casman & Michielsens

Notaries are crucial during the most important moments in our lives. But the education of notaries is under pressure. Your support is essential for the continued development of notararial expertise.

More information

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Yamina Krossa Fund

The innovative work of scientist Damya Laoui and her team (VUB-VIB) is considered a breakthrough in the medical world. Their new technique slows the growth of cancer cells without attacking the healthy cells. Laoui hopes to bring her findings to a clinical trial soon. That requires funding off course.

More information.

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Fund Paul De Knop

Prof. dr. Bart Neyns and his colleagues of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences have made remarkable strides in the battle against cancer with a new treatment, i.e. immunotherapy. Research into immunotherapy is progressing at a rapid pace. The survival rates with forms of cancer where is used as a treatment form are often higher than in the past. Yet more fundamental and clinical research is needed. 

More information.

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Prizes & scholarships

A donor can elect to award prizes or scholarships through a fund around a theme that the donor feels passionate about. These prizes and scholarships can be awarded to young talents or successful researchers that distinguish themselves by carrying out remarkable research or education.


AVN Fund

The AVN Fund offers a PhD scholarship within the research field of nuclear safety and radiation protection every four years. The first project call is currently online. Deadline is July 15th, 2018. 

Yes, I want to submit a project.

VUB Foundation Team

The VUB Fundraising team is ready to answer all your questions about projects, research chairs, funds and research at VUB. Together with you we examine how and which project you would invest in best. Thereby you can always count on our discretion and professionalism. 

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